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Cards and Dice Game Box

Tarneaeg 10-14 tööpäeva

This high-quality wooden box is really something! The game set contains two card games and five dice for exciting rounds of cards and dice games. With the two 54-card decks, classic games such as skat, mau mau and doppelkopf can be played. The lid of the box is lined with green fabric, and is therefore ideal as a dice-rolling surface. Thanks to a locking mechanism, this game box can be securely closed and latched, making it ideal when on-the-go. A practical box in a premium design that has the right game for every player.

Wooden box approx. 19 x 12 x 4 cm
small foot
fabric/ cloth/ textiles, metal, wood
number of players
2 - 4
small foot-coloured box
0,34 kg